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Today is: Monday, 16. July 2018
Time: MEZ 22:29:51

Content and Grids

  • Content 1

    Here we have the first content. For this we first created a SysFolder and the type text and image chosen.

  • Content 1

    The plugin provides opportunities Jfmulticontent columns and sliders to apply. Again, the tick is set to noConflict in the constants editor of the root template.

  • Inhalt 2

    Features a Content Management System is to prepare Contents and Structures and then if desired with the plugins to connect. In this case, we have defined the Contents to a Folder.

  • Inhalt 3

    Nordufer in Berlin Wedding

    Das Plugin MultiContent ersetzt die m├╝hsehlige Arbeit selbst Background Templates zu schreiben. 

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